Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A day with a Cholo By Stephen Judy

I'm looking for some actors who want to film this short with me,let me know!
 excerpt from "a day with a cholo"
             by Stephen Judy
Short dramatic Screenplay I call " A day in the life of cholo" enjoy! want to film this hmu!

Guy behind counter: Here's your change(presses change in cholo's hand with an air of dis-respect and in-differance,doesn't say have a good day or anything)
Cholo :(to guy behind desk) :You want to disrespect me ese! lets go outside,i'll show you what disrespect is,your either walking outside or i'm going behind that counter and taking you oustide

Cholo: (to female coworker): Please mamm,tell your coworker to go outside,I'm not having a very good day, and he disrespected me and I don't feel like dragging him outside,please tell him to go on his own recognition or else

Guy behind desk: You need to leave now! or i'm calling the cops

Cholo: No bro you disrespected me,your going outside or i'm taking you outside,call the cops,they can help take you to the hospital,I told you, you want to play with the big boys, now you walk on your own recognition or i'm gonna make you walk and then i'm Gona sit you down outside! you hear me ese!

Guy behind counter : I ain't going no where!!the cops are on the way!

Cholo: oh yeah. oh yeah! the cops are on the way ese (proceeds behind counter) here then, heres your cops! (starts hitting guy behind counter)(grabs guy behind counter) your going outside ese,im going to show you why its good to be nice to your customers!

Coworkers:(starts screaming) (other coworkers start running over but cholo already has guy behind counter outside,beating i'm up )

Cholo: (while hitting guy behind counter) Sit yourself down Sit yourself Down!I told you ese,You don't want to calm yourself, I'll calm yourself for you!!now look at you didn't I tell you I was going to sit you down for you!!

Cholo: next time treat you customers good ese!!(runs away into the city)

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  1. *about the project, The original work is called Burqueno:A day with a cholo (an enchanted literary work about life as a Chicano in the Duke City)

    The major barrios are Barrio Central,Old town Locos,The war Zone Soldiers,and the Duke City Kings.

    The work is set in the Albuquerque Metro Area in the late 80's to early 90's

    The main character is Mr.Loco from barrio central.